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Interior signage for the 7things in Bremen

Guidance system and decorative background pictures in the 7things hotel

In german there is a phrase „I pack my seven things". This was the operator's inspiration for this modern basic hotel in Bremen. What distinguishes a good hotel, how does a successful stay feel, what is absolutely necessary and what is not?

The result was the aforementioned „7things" as a model for this hotel concept:

          A bird's nest as a synonym for comfort,
          Sneakers for the traffic-favorable situation and good binding,
          a friendly „Hello" for cosmopolitanism and communication,
          a hairdryer as a symbol for a well-equipped bathroom,
          a pillow for a good night's sleep,
          an apple for a healthy snack offer
          and of course a smartphone for connection to the digital media

These seven symbols were therefore also the guideline for our signage and should be continued according to the concept. What could be more obvious than to incorporate the individual symbols into the guidance system?

That is why we have produced acrylic glass panes printed on the back with straight laser edges and without visible fixings and mounted them directly on the wall or door. The result is a restrained, yet appealing and meaningful system. 

The public signage was supplemented by the decorative background pictures in the rooms, which act as a central focal point above the bed. Here, large-format foils were produced in digital printing and then drawn on wooden base boards. In order to protect the surface optimally, it was last provided with a mat laminate.



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