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Acrlyic rod advertising system in Berlin

Acrylic rod illuminated advertising system as facade advertising at Alexanderplatz

The task:
The designers presented us with an exciting task, the implementation of a 25 m long, 2 m high façade design, a 25 m wide and 3 m deep beam in connection with an LED illuminated acrylic rod advertising system as well as the integration of a light band of backlit, cast-on acrylic glass strips in the marble façade.

The challenge:• No standard solution available for the entire construction project• The distance from production to the assembly site• The dimension and associated logistics• Subsequent execution: the interaction between the steel constructor who was in charge of the old canopy conversion and us. Both had to be 100% coordinated to ensure smooth assembly.

optimal advertising effect

The planning:
Let's start with the easier of the two tasks.

The granite façade of the redesigned entrance area was to be fitted with a homogeneously lit strip of light in CI colours. For this purpose a corresponding carrier profile made of V2A has been designed, punched, edged and equipped with LEDs in our company. The front mirrors, which are sandwiched from two acrylic layers and provided with lateral grooves, are held in place by pre-punched fixing points in the carrier profile. In order to ensure expansion compensation, the ends have been provided with folds.

Thanks to the dexterity, flexibility and ingenuity of our on-site assembly team, the profiles could be inserted very well into the gap dimensions of the façade, which fluctuated greatly.

The solution to the second even more spectacular task began with a small preliminary sample, which was created here at the desk.
Some preliminary simulations, test trials and a prototype construction later, we were able to present the customer with an acceptable result.
A segment section was then built on a scale of 1:1 and presented in Berlin and London.

After entering the change requests and successful release, the complete case could be designed in detail, the RGB illumination planned and production started.

In the shortest possible time, 17 individual elements, which make up a total length of 25 m and a beam of 25 m in length and 2 m in depth, were manufactured.

A small extract from the long list of components:
• 125 m² perforated aluminium sheet
• 140 m² aluminium panels
• 300 meters aluminium square tubes
• 30 m² acrylic glass
• 1981 pieces glued 40 mm full acrylic rods
• 25 m² Dibond
• 150 meters LEDs
• several kilograms of powder coating
• 7,2 kg Silicone

All components were completely pre-assembled in our assembly halls and tested for functionality and luminosity. All elements are pluggable and splash-proof. The ballasts and distributors were housed in a control cabinet on the canopy of the main entrance in order to ensure easy maintenance later on.

The result is a fantastic LED illuminated advertising system with optimal advertising effect. During the day the light refracts with its spectral colours in the acrylic rods, at dusk and at night the LED lighting creates a wonderful impression of the advertising installation.



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