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Illuminated advertising in Bremen

Martinshof illuminated advertising equipment – LED letters as roof structure

The task:
Development, construction and installation of 6-metre illuminated advertising matching the customer's CI and featuring energy-saving long-life LEDs.

The challenge:
Due to the conditions at the installation site, the hot-dip galvanised steel substrate needed to be slightly vertical and all statics requirements needed to be met. Thus, a load-bearing structure was developed with specially made easy-to-position side beams and load distribution supports.

The fitting

Optimum advertising effect with customer CI

Since the illuminated advertising equipment needed to match the customer logo, all letters were produced as a profile system consisting of aluminium and acrylic illuminated homogeneously with energy-saving and very long-lasting LEDs. The majority of the logo was laminated with a special perforated film in order to guarantee a black appearance during the day as well as a white-illuminated appearance at night.

All components were pre-mounted in our installation halls and tested for functionality and luminance. All joints to the substrate or profile frame on the letter body were constructed such that water penetration due to external weather conditions and condensation water could run out freely and the requisite electrical switches could be maintained dry.

The entire illuminated advertising equipment was lifted onto the roof using a tele-crane vehicle and positioned exactly into place by our installation crew. The logo's vertical position was then matched to roof's edge by adjusting the side beams. Then weight was added to the load distribution supports and they were fixed into place.

The result is an LED illuminated advertising equipment matching the customer's CI with optimum advertising effect. In the daytime, the company logo appears three-dimensionally in the corporate colours, while at night the LED illuminated acrylic letters unleash their full luminance - A product that can be seen at very far distances.

Testing the LED and bolting together the profile at the production hall
The letters are raised up to the building's roof using a heavy-duty crane
Installation and anchoring of the letters and substrate on the building's roof
The finalised letters
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