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Illuminated advertising in Bremen

J.Müller illuminated advertising – XXXL-sized LED letters

The task:
Development, construction and installation of illuminated advertising with 3-m letters, homogeneously illuminated using power-saving long-life LEDs.

The challenge:
The substrate needed to be developed such that the letters could be accessed in maintenance work without risk exposure.
Installation and mounting was performed on a 50-m silo at Bremen's industrial harbour, the system needed to stand up to the climate conditions and the heavy winds experienced at that height.

The fitting

Installation at a dizzying height

The substrate was designed such that the letters, which end where the wall meets the edge of the rooftop in a vertical line, could be leaned to the back for maintenance work. Thus, the letters are horizontal on the roof during cleaning and service work, which means they can be accessed without danger.

Just like the letters themselves, the statics computations were performed for the hot-dip galvanised steel substrate to account for wind forces at that height and the material was selected accordingly.

The body of the letters was made by a specialised company due to their size, and then they were rendered weather resistant using powder coating. To that end, it was also necessary for the structure be designed such that the water from penetrating heavy rain and condensation water be able to run out freely and that the electrical switches always remain dry. All of the letter body's joints with the substrate and the frame profile are made from fully non-corroding stainless steel, which also accounts for the slightly salty air in the harbour's vicinity.

The panes from acrylic are laser-cut and computed such that material stretching is intercepted by the profile frame.

Homogeneous and consistent lighting was calculated with precision computing in advance to determine the requisite depth in the letters as well as the order and number of LEDs. Following completion, each letter was measured in an internal testing procedure and consistent luminance was compared among the individual letters.

The logistics involved in installation represented a particular challenge. The installation height of ca. 50 m above the ground in a flat room with limited space made it necessary to use a special crane like those used for installing wind power plants. Moreover, installation could only be performed on a day with no wind in order to avoid swinging in the heavy components and endangering the installation crew.

The substrate had to be jointed to various parts of the silo's roof  and anchored to create one stable unit. The anchor points were measured in advance and the joint with the building fit perfectly. Then, each letter was individually transported up to the top and anchored to the substrate. Following the finishing work on the electrical lines and the weather-resistant installation into the building, the system was placed into its horizontal position.

Today, all of the crew members are filled with pride when they see the system beaming into the Bremen night.

Testing the LED letters in the production hall
The letters are lifted onto the building with a heavy duty crane
Finalised letters on the substrate
Letters at twilight
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