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Marahrens illuminated advertising system in Bremen

LED letters façade advertising

The task:
After developing a new logo and completely changing the corporate design of the Marahrens Group in 2011, it was time to replace the outdated, maintenance-intensive, power-guzzling and technically obsolete neon advertising systems and façade contours.

The challenge:
• Fitting of the new logo into the existing north and south façade
• Covering old tracks and setting as few new fixing points as possible
Different coloured representation of the different parts of the company using a light advertising system

optimal advertising effect

The planning:
Since the signage system should reflect the CI colours of the different company names and modern, energy-saving light sources should be used, we have considered the following design with the aid of a computer simulation.

The implementation:
The contour: Exchange of profile 1 neon building contour for prefabricated facade profiles with acrylic glass cover. Illumination takes place via RGB LEDs that can be controlled via various addresses.

Illuminated advertising systems: Dismantling of profile 1 neon systems and dismantling of high-voltage electrics. The new systems each consist of a profile 01 cassette with a depth of 60 mm, the contours of which are adapted to the logo and are matt lacquered in the colour of the facade. They have the advantage that they cover old fixing holes and offer a good opportunity to accommodate the new cabling with as few additional facade openings as possible.

The company lettering is a combination of our own branded acrylic glass LED letters L3Dshine and L3Dshadow which have been pre-mounted onto the cassettes at 30 mm intervals.

The lettering "Marahrens" glows blue in the front according to the corporate design colours, white as a shadow towards the wall. During the day, the logo shines in the colours of the signage system, and thanks to its RGB LED lamps it can represent any colouring of the different companies in the night effect. Like the lettering, it also forms a white atrium.

The simultaneous color change between logo and contour has been realized with a freely programmable DMX control. The logo was laminated on the front with a special perforated foil to ensure a neutral appearance during the day and a multi-coloured, luminous appearance at night.

All components were completely pre-assembled in our assembly halls and tested for functionality and luminosity. All connections are pluggable and watertight, the ballasts and address distributors are located in the false ceilings of the main building.

The result is a LED illuminated advertising system based on the company's own CD with optimum advertising effect. During the day, the company logo appears three-dimensionally in the corporate colour of the signage and at night, the LED-illuminated acrylic letters unfold their full luminosity in the gentle change of colour from red to green to blue. A product that can also be seen from a great distance.

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