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Digital printing

Digital printing is a relatively new printing method, and is experiencing rapid growth in its possibilities. For example, digital printing makes it possible to print large-scale photograph-quality motifs on banners covering entire building façades. Even the smallest types of signs, such as pipe markings and testing labels, are printed and cut out in one work step.

Another example of a typical application are construction signs. Extremely realistic illustrations of a building project are made possible and provide the public with information in a manner that is long-lasting. It's extremely easy to add the logos of the companies carrying out the specific areas of work.

Our five digital printing machines have been designed for an extremely wide array of applications. Special inks make it possible to print a wide range of materials. Theoretically endless strips made from plastic or textile materials up to 2 m in length are just as much a possibility as printing on film for later adhesion on vehicles (car wrapping) or entire lorry canvases. Digital printing of acrylic glass is also an option, with special effects yielded by signs illuminated from the side. Additional printable materials include wood, ceramics, plastics, MDF, hard foam and much more.

Depending on the installation location, durability can last 5 to 7 years, and even more when used in combination with lamination.
A special digital printing process developed at our company makes it possible to produce signs with Braille and tactile lettering (embossed letters) in compliance with international standards. This is growing in importance when it comes to signs for public areas and buildings.

Digital sub-eloxal printing

In sub-eloxal printing, we digitally print non-compressed aluminium plates. This makes it possible to print photograph-like images here as well, thereby yielding an entirely new array of possibilities when it comes to designing front plates, type plates, control consoles and other types of plates. Compression then yields practically indestructible motifs that are extremely durable in indoor applications, lasting ca. 5-7 years when used outdoors.

We have declared the search for newer and newer applications in digital printing to be our innovation mantra. Take a look at all we have to offer.

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