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Engraving is a process for creating recesses on a surface. Mechanical processing can be used on metals and plastics alike. It's also possible to apply colour lacquer in a recess. This technology is particularly useful for consecutive labels and number series.

The signs created with this process are extremely robust and retain legibility over a long period of time. That is why they are perfect for use in extremely demanding environments, such as complex markings in machine rooms, outdoor doorbell plates, as door and cabin signs in hotels and on shops, as base plates for lift controls and as type plates in areas exposed to areas.
Depending on the engraving application, the base material can consist of stainless steel, brass, aluminium or various types of plastic.

It should be highlighted here that our company is one of the few that still master the circular engraving technique, which means we are able to engrave rounded objects, like ship bells, to name one example.

The old engraving method cannot be used in all applications in today's world, but it still represents a way for obtaining robust signs at an affordable price. We'll be happy to show you the applications that continue to be relevant.

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