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In order to meet extensive and highly varied needs across our entire product range, we run our own lacquering shop. Products like acrylic letters, front plates, casings, advertising signs, company signs and much more are lacquered in colour, and at times given a protective coat of clear lacquer.

Powder coating

We use powdered coatings for parts exposed to particularly high levels of stress, such as substrates and frames used outdoors and when it comes to surfaces subject to frequent contact, like control consoles and user panels. The thick lacquer coating is particularly resilient and delivers long-lasting protection against corrosion and wear. This special process makes it possible to apply lacquer even on the hard-to-reach places on a product, such as holes, creases and blind holes. There is, of course, a wide range of colour options available in powder coating.

Chrome effect

Chrome coating creates a special effect. This multi-level coating process creates a shiny chrome-like surface on the product and provides clear lacquer protection. This makes it possible to obtain a chrome effect on plastics and acrylic as well. This coating method is particularly useful when it comes to making signs, illuminated advertising letters and logos, three-dimensional products and signs with highly shiny surfaces with a stainless steel look. Here, too, various shiny chrome colour options are available.

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