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Metal processing

Metal processing constitutes a key department at our company. There are many products that require metal processing. Front plates in 19-inch technology are created and complemented, substrates are built and metal parts are cut to dimensions.

With benders that are up to 3 m wide, plate shears in the same format, sawmills, welding systems and punches, all of our equipment contributes to preparing everything in our wide range of products to be solid and stable for our customers.

Be it sinking or grouting screws and bolts, setting bolts, stamping front plates, separating user groups or edges on pylon components or 19-inch component groups - everything is performed in-house here with optimum final position coordination with the downstream departments. That means we can guarantee our customers independence from further suppliers as well as great flexibility in production with short-term reaction times.

For all of the products we offer, like advertising media, light boxes, sign systems and special construction products, attaining short-term and sustainable production without our professional metal processing would only be possible via indirect routes.

Our highly motivated team look forward to receive your requests. Go ahead, challenge them!

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