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Milling rounds off our metal processing services. With four milling machines ranging from 1 m x 1 m all the way up to 2 m x 3 m, we machine aluminium, brass, acrylic and other plastics. The machines locate the zero point via camera control, even in materials that are lopsided. This guarantees a high degree of precision in our two- and three-dimensional milling work.

The main product consists of front plates for the electronics industry, but we do, of course, also perform work for our own production. For example, acrylic letters that already have the recesses for later illumination via LED strips, substrates for multi-layer sign add-ons, and numbers for cabin numbers on cruise liners. Or light box cut outs with letters milled into them.
Milling machines make it possible for us to put forward an extremely broad palette of products in combination with our production tools. That means we are able to meet all specifications, especially when it comes to advertising.

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