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Screen Printing

Screen printing is of central importance at our company. No other printing method yields more brilliant colours with high durability and a comparable level of paint layer thickness. This makes it possible to use special pigments, such as luminescent paints, and predestines this printing method for the production of high quality signs for indoor and outdoor use with long durability.

Screen printing makes it possible to use nearly any material for signs and other advertising media. Glass, textiles, metal, plastics and ceramics utilised in connection with our advanced processing and additional manufacturing features in our production yield long-lasting products for the widest variety of applications. Door plates, escape signs, orientation signs in tourism areas, buildings and ships, front plates and keyboard film for the electronics industry, finishes for the graphics industry and illuminant covers for sensitive areas on ships and aeroplanes; screen printing delivers a solution for nearly every kind of demand when it comes to signs and illustrations.

Our company's Design, Graphics and Print departments offer the entire spectrum of all potential screen print products from one single source. Sufficient capacities facilitate a high level of delivery availability.

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