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Stamp production

Stamps continue to be important auxiliary tools even today. Be it in practices, clinics, offices, government agencies, on coupons, at chemist shops or in private applications, it is astonishing how frequently stamps are still needed. Each year, we produce anywhere from several thousand to twenty thousand stamps for the widest variety of applications.

Be it modern "self-inking" stamps for office use or classic wooden stamps, modernity has made its entrance here as well. With the data you send in or submit via our online shop at, we produce personalised stamps via laser engraving on long-lasting stamp rubber featuring the highest level of resolution. We can also provide solutions for multi-colour stamp prints as well. Of course, we also offer the requisite accessories, such as stamp boxes and holders.

When it comes to specialised applications, we maintain a selection of special stamps available to you. Contact us with your special needs and we'll find the right solution.
Or have your own stamp produced for private use. And a nice classic wooden stamp is also great as a gift idea...

Multi-colour impression

Specifically tailored. Multi-colour impression represents the art of meeting individual colour and design requests. Text and logo can be arranged to meet specific requests. The resulting boxes are automatically saturated with the selected colours.

High precision. The laser cuts the box with superior precision, simultaneously sealing the ink areas. Thus, each colour field remains pure in colour.

Matching products inside the online shop

Wooden stamp

The wooden stamp is the best known and most popular stamp form. In light of its ergonomic handle, it fits into the user's hand extremely well.

Trodat Printy 4.0

Are you looking for an unbelievably small, light and environment friendly stamp? Text plate assembly needs to be especially straightforward? Then the original Printy 4.0 is for you!

Trodat Printy Date Stamp

Date stamp with personalised text, standard text or simply with nothing but the date. The Printy date stamps are made out of at least 70% recycled plastic.  

Trodat Mobile Printy

The cleanest, simplest and most stable pocket stamp with single-hand operation Attractive design and innovative functionality combined - for out and about or at home.

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