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Tactile signs / Braille

In accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, suitable measures need to be implemented to provide barrier-free access to public places. Signs with tactile markings (ADA signs) enable blind and visually impaired persons to find their way and to find their way.

Braille (braille) and embossed profile script (tactile markings or ADA signs) are used for marking handrails, doors, elevator signs and site plans. Various materials make the design of these markings appear as an inconspicuous addition to the existing markings.

The marking of entire objects with ADA signage is developed by our own engineers according to applicable legal standards for national or international requirements.

Whether the German DIN or the American ADA (americans with disabilities act) standards should be the basis is irrelevant for our team of experts.
We are happy to help you to achieve optimal readability without any restrictions in functionality.

Antibacterial signs

The hygiene requirements are particularly high in public areas, such as doctors' practices and schools. However, tactile signs are touched very often and therefore carry a high risk of disease transmission. To ensure that your tactile signs do not transmit diseases, we offer an antibacterial coating.

Choose reliable protection against the formation of dangerous bacteria and get advice today!

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Advantages of our antibacterial coating

  • proven reduction of 99.99% of pathogens
  • preventive precautions for allergy sensitive users
  • extremely long durability (up to 10,000 touches with existing pathogens, then further on at 60% reduction)
  • solvent resistant during cleaning
  • effectiveness laboratory tested
  • no odour or visual impairment
  • individually adaptable to customer requirements
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