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Company signs

The sign is the calling card of a business or a shop when it comes to its customers. These signs can be self-illuminating letters that are several meters tall up at the top of a building, externally illuminated aluminium composite panels, and even façades covered in film or fonts on a substrate on a building. We can deliver all of the possibilities for company signs with a personalised solution based on the corresponding needs and substrate.

With our own development for standardised self-illuminated acrylic letters and logos, we offer an affordable option for designing company signs. Our LED elements are produced in the manner you personally select, are particularly low-maintenance, last ten times longer than fluorescent light sources and use extremely low levels of energy. LED technology makes it possible to use special effects, like colour changes and running lights. Our letters and logos either beam to the front (Shine), to the side (Shimmer) or to the back (Shadow). The size, background and colours of your company signs are determined by your own style and taste. Our expert consultants will attend to your own individual needs and local circumstances, and will collaborate with you to find an optimum solution.

Upon request, we will be happy to provide you with a substrate, statics data, the building permit request and will have our own personnel perform professional on-site installation, be it 100 m in the sky, over a shop window or on a façade.
As a special service for your company signs, we offer alterations and renovations to your existing system, regardless of whether it was delivered by us or not. Speak with our expert consultants. You'll be astonished at how affordable it can be to bring new shine to your old system.

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