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dGIS - Information, orientation, promotion, safety - Everything in one interactive system

Media is not the only field where digital and interactive media are becoming more and more important. This technology is also implemented when it comes to orientation on ships and in buildings. The days of old information on signs are increasingly becoming a part of the past. Our dGIS (digital guidance and information system) represents a server-based solution that is intuitive and easy to understand for users, and simultaneously can be linked to a large number of interfaces currently in use. The central content management system can control various devices: Information systems on board and on land, digital displays on board, mobile devices, interactive TV systems, etc. This means all information will be congruent at all times.

dGIS has a modular structure and can be individually tailored to any customer requirements. Customers appreciate the high level of interaction made possible by the touch screens. Information, advertising and even emergency instructions can be controlled centrally in dGIS and transmitted to all of the monitors on the network. In addition to navigation and orientation, special modules include features like context- and customer-oriented information. SPA applications, table reservations and excursions on land can be integrated into the system upon request. 

dGIS relieves the crew so they can attend to other needs by providing guests with the answer to a great deal of questions (business hours, weather report, route, information on the day's programming, etc.) in an extremely easy-to-follow digital system.



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