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Routing signs

One doesn't notice how important it is to have quality routing signs until confronted with a situation where there are poor quality signs or none at all. Be it a cycling path, a hiking path, street map, building map, having coherent and doubt-free routing signs makes getting around easier wherever you are.

Our experts have the right signs for any type of routing, and will be happy to consult you in your specific case. Every routing position and situation requires a specifically tailored solution. We offer solutions for buildings, as well as for urban and tourism settings. Be it layout plans, overview maps or direct routing signs, with or without features for the seeing-impaired, you'll be sure to find the right solution in our product and manufacturing portfolio.

Since the possibilities for routing signs and the materials being implemented have an extremely broad spectrum, we will be happy to provide you with consultation.

Emergency routing system

Hardly anyone pays attention to them regularly, but in the case of emergency these markings can save lives by guiding people to the nearest exits or showing the path to meeting points and rescue boats. Many years of experience in developing guidance systems and collaborating in the legal implementation of requirements has moved us into the market leader position when it comes to maritime routing systems.

Close collaboration with architects and agencies leads to results that enthuse customers and satisfy government agencies. From initial planning and production to global installation with our company's own highly experienced installation team, we're your one-stop source for all your needs. Upon request, our engineers can also take care of the extensive processes for requesting permits.

Orientation signs

Large cruise liners and ferries need clear, unambiguous indications for routing. Solid orientation translates into safety and comfort for guests. A relaxed passenger is a good customer. From simple direction orientation to indirectly illuminated glass signs, all of these products are planned, designed and made in-house at our company. This is the only way to guarantee seamless matching to the ship's basic design.
Be it attention-grabbing, impressive or elegantly restrained, our designers can implement your wishes and secure short-term production.

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