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Pylons are free-standing advertising signs or signs for one or multiple companies, potentially fulfilling a routing function. The standard pylon we have developed has its own profile and is set up in segments to match your needs with regard to height, width and features.

This modular system provides you with a wide selection of possibilities in various models. The most simple version is an advertising pylon with a one-sided segment covered in film. The expansions include height, width, single- and double-sided letter cut-outs, LED illumination, illuminated frame façade all the way to lighting effects like running lights and integrated colour changers. Consisting of powdered aluminium profiles, these advertising pylons are long-lasting and corrosion-resistant.

The segmentation provides you with all of the options of personalised features as well as adjustment and modification as needed at a later time. Strict visuals translate into timeless elegance.

Our pylons are, of course, delivered with the corresponding statics requirements met. Upon request, we'll handle the request for a building permit, preparing the foundation and professional installation performed by our own crew.

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