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Safety / escape path markings on land

Safety markings are used for safety and accident prevention at the workplace. European Norm EN ISO 7010 and ASR 1.3 (Technical Rules for Workplaces) govern all safety markings for protecting against health risks. Safety markings must be placed in clearly visible locations at all companies, in public buildings and everywhere where the safety of people could be endangered.  The requisite safety and health protection markings need to be accounted for starting directly in the planning phase for work sites.

Safety and health protection markings include: Prohibition symbols, warning symbols, requirements symbols, fire protection symbols, escape route symbols Pursuant to DIN 67510, escape route and fire protection symbols must consist of material that remains luminescent for a long period if there is no safety lighting, or if there is only insufficient safety lighting.

Safety markings are produced with various dimensions and materials, and must be placed in a clearly recognisable location in a permanent manner. Our company is specialised in safety signs. We are always informed of current developments in norms and rules, as we actively participate in the corresponding norm committee.

Safety signs on ships

Recent examples show how enormously important it is to have internationally comprehensible, clearly identifiable safety signs on ships.

Be it an indoor, temperature-controlled setting, or in an outdoor setting subject to heavy weathering, these kinds of signs must be designed durable at providing clear information in the event of an emergency.

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