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Vehicle markings / Automobile advertising

Whether you want to create a uniform design for your vehicle fleet, advertise your own company, present your contact details or simply attract attention - with our bumper stickers and vehicle lettering there are no limits to your imagination! We film your passenger cars and trucks exclusively with high-performance films of the best quality. Rear stickers, the lettering of trucks including tarpaulins or a complete foiling of your car are no problem for us.

An original car wrapping with a photo, your logo or a text ensures maximum attention and quick recognition. Of course, our films can be removed again without leaving any residue, so that the value of the vehicle remains intact and you can decide at any time for new car stickers.

We would also be happy to take over the graphics and design for you, so you receive the complete service from a single source.

Now have your car laminated and advertise your company whenever you are on the road!

Full vehicle stickers – top shelf service

In order to place film over three-dimensional curves and recesses, it's necessary to heat it to a precisely defined temperature. Measured with a laser thermometer, the requisite conditions are established for guaranteeing long-term, stable forming of the film for lasting design on your vehicles.

Passenger car with vehicle marking
Transporter with vehicle marking
laminated truck
Car fleet with vehicle markings

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