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Company guidelines / Quality management

The corporate group H. Marahrens specialises in the development, construction, production and installation of signs and signposting systems of all kinds both on land and for maritime applications.
Based on the high quality products and the company's know-how, the corporate group operates and is recognised internationally. In order to maintain and enhance that position, we strive for higher and higher levels of customer satisfaction: We want to be unique for our customers. That is why the quality guidelines represent an important component to our corporate philosophy.
We place great emphasis on excellent quality in our products and services. Our quality management system and the certification under DIN ISO 9001: 2015 are illustrative of our high standards. We foster success among our customers and remain profitable ourselves by constantly using innovation and entrepreneurship to overcome barriers. The executive management and all employees focus on sustainable company values.

Technological expertise

was and is the foundation for our corporate group. Our long-term employees pass this expertise on to the upcoming generations in all disciplines. That means we're also passing on our quality standards to younger employees, calling upon them to observe work processes with a critical eye and point out quality-compromising circumstances.


is a never-ending task at our company. That applies both to our products as well as to advanced technical, quality and organisational development throughout our corporate group.


It is of particular importance to us that our employees identify with the company. All employees, regardless of gender and nationality, obtain the opportunity at our company to develop themselves professionally and to make a contribution to realising our quality policy at their workstations.


We promote an awareness for costs across all divisions in our corporate group, for the effectiveness and quality in our work are something customers, our corporate group and our employees alike can profit from.


When problems arise, we remediate them through target-oriented and documented measures until we have found a satisfactory solution for all sides. The efficacy of these solutions is subjected to constant testing. That means the quality management system is constantly being modified to meet the most recent demands.


We assume accountability for our work and keep our promises. Our success proves this is the right way to go.

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