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Marahrens-Group – about the company

Founded over 70 years ago, the Marahrens-Group has developed into an SME company rich in tradition with thoroughly fruitful innovativeness when it comes to signs of any kind. Seven decades of experience constitute the foundation for innovative, high quality products in all types of signs. From a simple fire extinguisher sign to digital information and routing systems, Marahrens covers it all with utmost competence. The Marahrens-Group is broken down into three corporate divisions, thereby providing optimum coverage in the widest variety of customer needs. Consulting, measuring, trade and project management for complex circumstances: the Marahrens-Group's more than 200 employees meet all customer requirements worldwide.

Marahrens can perform all modern production methods. That means we offer service and execution from one source, and are able to continue producing spare parts even years later. That makes the Marahrens Group your expert contact when it comes to any type of sign.

Marahrens-Group at a glance – the company is structured into three operating companies.

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