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Maritime Sign Solutions – Signs for safety and ships

The company works on a project basis, specialising in signs for maritime applications. All types of ships, cruise liners, ferries and yachts are supplied fully or in sub-sections with all types and shapes of maritime signs. This ranges from safety systems (LLL and IMO signs) to cabin signs, escape route plans, orientation signs (you are here) and even including decorative signs, such as those used for board restaurants and spa facilities. The quality requirements to be met for ship signs are particularly high. Not only does the workmanship have to be excellent, the objects also have to stand up against severe weather conditions.
These kinds of signs are planned and developed in close coordination with architects, shipping companies and dockyards, and then installed on ships all over the world by specific installation teams.  

Depending on whether it's a new installation or a refit, our project managers coordinate maritime signs to match construction progress at dockyards, and at times even while a cruise is taking place.  

You can obtain an impression of our high quality in the Project Reference section.

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