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Emergency instructions

The most important information at a glance

It is essential for the safety of passengers on board a vessel or an offshore platform to inform about the procedures which would be adopted in the event of an emergency situation. The Maritime Safety Committee has issued revised Guidelines for passenger safety instructions (MSC / Circ. 699) for that purpose.

Amongst others measures, emergency instructions are one of the primary ways to inform passengers and must be placed in passenger cabins prominently displayed in the vicinity of the cabin door.

Uniformly clear labeling

Emergency instructions at sea

  • As a minimum, the notifications must include information on muster stations and essential actions to take in an emergency.
  • The “you are here” position must be shown and primary as well as secondary escape routes must be marked by arrows, properly oriented for each posted location.
  • The emergency instructions and “you are here” plans may be provided on one notice or alternatively, in separate parts.
  • Instructions on donning lifejackets being provided in the form of the lifejacket manufacturer’s donning instructions are to be included.
  • The instructions should be in English and other languages appropriate to the principal nationalities carried on the route of the ship.
  • The information to the installed Low Location Lighting System(LLL), which is requested on passenger vessels, can also be integrated in the notice.

Marahrens offers custom made emergency instructions made from different materials and different styles to comply with SOLAS regulations and to blend in with cabin design.

Engineering service

Since all emergency instructions are unique in its “you are here” position, each plan must match the specific cabin it is installed in. Furthermore, all primary and secondary escape routes must be carefully planned.

With many years of experience, Marahrens offers an engineering service to its clients taking care of the compliance with applicable regulations, planning of escape routes and “you are here” position as well as production and installation.

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