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Emergency signage

Safety and technical signage

Signs, markings, instructions:
For more safety on board

Safety and technical signage

Signposting emergency exits

Safety on cruise ships, passenger ferries, yachts and offshore platforms is an absolute priority. In an emergency, signage, markings and instructions must be quickly and clearly recognisable for guests, passengers and crew. Marahrens stands for reliable signage on board and meets the requirements of the classification societies, SOLAS, IMO as well as other maritime standards.

IMO safety signs

Our extensive sign portfolio complies with IMO regulations and ISO standards.

IMO safety signs
Electrical emergency exit signs

In an emergency every second counts: you can find the way out with our electrical signs.

Electrical emergency exit signs
Pipe marking tapes

Mark the content and flow direction of the pipes on board according to ISO 14726 with our products.

Pipe markings
Marine tapes

Our range includes various tapes that increase safety on board, such as anti-slip or retroreflective tapes.

Low Location Lighting (LLL)

LLL is mandatory on commercial ships with more than 36 passengers and available from us in accordance with SOLAS and ISO 15370.

Low Location Lighting
Emergency instructions

To inform people on board, we offer individualized emergency instructions to increase safety.

Emergency instructions

Further information

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Services for ship suppliers

In order to provide an even better service for ship suppliers, we have added some services to our portfolio:

  • Provision of product data
  • Digital order processing
  • Short delivery times

Thanks to our steadily growing global network, we can supply the shipping industry quickly and easily, even in distant ports.


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