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Corporate guidelines

Corporate guidelines / Quality policy



Acting responsibly

The Marahrens Group is specialised in the development, construction, production, trade and installation of signs, signage and signage systems of all kinds in the land and maritime sector.

Due to the high-quality products and the company’s own know-how, the group of companies is internationally active and recognised. In order to maintain and expand this position, we strive for ever higher customer satisfaction: We want us to be unique for our customers. Therefore, environmental and quality guidelines are an important part of our corporate philosophy.

We attach great importance to the excellent quality and environmental compatibility of our products and services. We underline this claim with our environmental and quality management system. In this way, we promote the success of our customers and are profitable ourselves by continually overcoming existing limits through innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

Our corporate values

The management and all employees are guided by the following corporate values:

  • Environmental policy
  • Innovation
  • Technological competence
  • Integration
  • Economic efficiency
  • Problem solving
  • Responsibility and reliability

Environmental policy

The environmental policy of H. Marahrens Group GmbH & Co KG is based on the effects of our daily activities within the framework of the business activities of the group of companies and the laws we have to comply with.

The aim is, on the one hand, the active protection of the environment through a continuous review of our activities with regard to the reduction of environmentally harmful substances or emissions and, on the other hand, prophylactic precautions to prevent environmental pollution in the environment that can be influenced.
Taking into account all interested parties, we regularly review the effects and possible measures to protect the environment and prevent environmental pollution.

Our employees actively accompany this process, so together we set the standards for the future.

In concrete terms, this means

Raw materials: use of sustainable and recyclable raw and auxiliary materials, if possible and available.

Production: efficient and energy-saving use of machines, minimisation of waste and rejects

Recycling: Rejects and waste are sorted and recycled, old materials returned by customers are recycled.

Suppliers: When selecting our suppliers, we take into account ecological and social aspects and factors in addition to economy.


is a constant task for us. This applies to our products as well as to the technical, qualitative and organisational development of our group of companies.

Technological competence

was and is the basis of our group of companies. This is passed on by our long-serving employees to the next generation in all areas of work. We also pass on our quality standards to our younger employees and encourage them to observe work processes critically and to identify quality-reducing circumstances.


It is particularly important to us that our employees identify with the company. Every employee, regardless of gender, world view or nationality, is given the opportunity to develop and contribute to the realisation of our environmental and quality policy at his or her workplace.

Economic efficiency

We promote cost awareness in all areas of our group of companies, because both our customers and our group of companies and their employees benefit from the effectiveness, quality and environmental compatibility of our work.

Problem solving

When problems arise, we overcome them through goal-oriented and documented action until we have found a mutually satisfactory solution. The effectiveness of the solutions is subject to constant review. Thus, the environmental and quality management system is always adapted to the latest requirements.

Sense of responsibility

We work on our own responsibility and keep our promises. Success proves us right.