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Labelling for plants: from planning to execution

Plant Labelling

Process engineering labelling

For energy, chemical and industrial plants, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of labelling products in process engineering as well as in safety & health protection.

We use our many years of project know-how to support you in your projects in engineering as well as in installation as a turnkey service provider.

Correct process engineering labelling in various industries is an essential safety factor in the daily operation of plants. With our product portfolio and know-how, we are happy to support you in your upcoming projects, both as a turnkey service provider and in partial areas. The optimal implementation starts with the planning of the project to be executed as well as the signage used, so that a safe working environment can be created. Our product portfolio includes KKS (power plant identification system), AKZ (plant identification system) or customer-specific coding. As a manufacturer, we can also offer you special solutions.

Slide-in labels

Our slide-in signs combine a variety of information for labeling while offering a very high degree of flexibility. The slide-in profile acts as a holder for the individual information carriers consisting of printed and engraved labels. Additional information, such as flow substances or GHS symbols, can be added easily and individually. With clean riveting, slide-in labels are a long-term and individual labeling solution.

Printing and engraving signs

On various materials (plastic or metal), we offer you customizable identification plates using printing or engraving processes. Both processes offer high durability and resistance. Especially engraved signs are explicitly required in some areas or industries. Signs produced by the printing process also offer cost-effective production and high design possibilities (e.g. via pictograms).

Pipe markers and marking tapes

In accordance with DIN 2403, clear marking of pipelines according to the flow substance is essential in the interest of safety, proper repair and effective firefighting. It is intended to indicate hazards in order to prevent accidents and damage to health. Our product range includes the markings specified by DIN as well as special designs according to customer requirements.

Sub-anodized printed signs

The color revolution for individual and cost-effective aluminum printing in digital printing as an alternative to screen printing. With the digital printing system in combination with sub-anodizing, you get an excellent single or multi-color print image, which is under the "clear" hard anodized layer. The printed image is resistant to chemical and physical influences.


In order to promote digitalization in the signage sector as well, we offer signs with integrated RFID transponders that enable the reading, storage and overwriting of (process) information. We integrate the transponders into the sign in a resistant manner and equip them with the specified information.

Fastening material

The fastening of the preceding signage is done with the help of various fastening materials, which we can of course also offer you - partly from our own production. From sign holders to pipe clamps and adhesives, our range includes everything to keep the signage in place.

Plant Labelling

Safety & Health Labelling

Wherever people move in public spaces, professional safety & health signs are absolutely essential. We have an extensive range of safety signs, such as rescue and fire protection signs, warning signs and prohibition signs. In addition, we offer our customers a wide selection of other products on the subject of occupational safety, first aid
first aid, personal protective equipment and factory equipment. We also cover the area of industrial labeling with our inspection plaques and hazard warnings.

Escape route signage

Our escape route signs are standardized in accordance with ASR 1.3/ DIN EN ISO 7010. Standard-compliant rescue signs are internationally understandable and, thanks to different luminosities, easily recognizable even in poor visibility conditions.

Fire safety signage

Our fire safety signage is standardized in accordance with ASR 1.3/ DIN EN ISO 7010. Their presence enables emergency personnel to act quickly in the event of a fire, both to save people and to fight fires.

Low Location Lighting Systems

Low Location Lighting systems are optical guidance systems which, due to their photoluminescent function, mark escape routes without the need for electricity. They are suitable for both wall and floor mounting.

Prohibition, mandatory and warning signs

Our prohibition, mandatory and warning signs are standardized in accordance with ASR 1.3/ DIN EN ISO 7010. They differ in their functions in that they either prohibit a certain behavior, mark it or warn against it.


What we can do for you

Project planning

During an on-site inspection in conjunction with a review of your plans and drawings, we record your installation and determine the essential characteristics of the signage (dimensions, material and quantity) as well as the method of attachment.

As-built comparison

Part of the on-site inspection is a comparison of the situation on site (actual situation) with your plans and drawings (target situation) in order to reflect any deviations and take them into account in the project. Of course, we also offer this service after conversion and maintenance work.


We summarize the collected information from the on-site inspection as well as after the installation in a clean documentation for you, so that you have an up-to-date status of the process engineering identification of your plant at your disposal.


Our own experienced installation teams are available for you at our various locations to carry out expert installation of the labeling. Compliance with industry specifics and necessary certifications is a matter of course.


Of course, we are also available to you as a partner after the project has been completed. With the help of the documentation, we can provide you with replacement deliveries due to damage even after years – from batch size 1.

Further information


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