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Valued business partners, dear readers,

the world is currently experiencing an unprecedented situation with the pandemic of the corona virus. During this difficult time, we are closely monitoring the situation and follow the guidelines given by the respective authorities at our three locations in Germany, USA and Finland. 

We have implemented extensive measures into our daily operations to prevent the virus from further spread and to keep our customers, suppliers and team members safe. 

Whilst several employees are working from home already, our manufacturing, warehouse and logistics facilities continue to operate as usual. Therefore, we are available for you through digital channels for all your signage needs. We only kindly ask you for some patience, should processes not run as smooth as usual.

Stay healthy and best regards!

Sincerely yours,
Marahrens Group


Seven decades of experience constitute our foundation for innovative ideas and high quality products.

Signs: a simple term, yet associated with a wide array of possibilities. While we tend to initially think of traffic and informational signs, the spectrum is nearly endless. Instructional signs, doorbell signs, practice signs, illuminated advertising, restaurant signs, door signs, company signs, routing signs in buildings, number signs, advertising stickers, escape route signs... the list goes on and on. And we cover this diverse spectrum in its entirety. We work with all of this diversity. We have solutions for this entire spectrum of diversity. And throughout this entire spectrum of diversity, we develop individualised solutions tailored to your needs, regardless of whether you need merely a small sign for the door to your home, or are looking to post signs throughout an entire hotel. For more than seventy years now, we've been providing customers with specially tailored solutions for all their needs. Our know-how, the joy we find in innovation, our creativity and quality have turned us into a leading manufacturer of these fascinating products on a regional, national and international level.

Screen printing


In screen printing, we particularly produce high print runs of standard signs. Safety signs, including signs with afterglow, as well as instructional and prohibition signs in line with the applicable DIN standards. Moreover, the screen printing process is great for materials that are otherwise difficult to print, such as ceramics and metals.


Digital printing


Digital printing facilitates affordable printing on a variety of materials in small and extremely small print runs. That means realistic, photo-like print quality is made possible. In special cases, digital printing facilitates special effects, such as embossed lettering to make it possible for blind people to feel them. Digital printing is a young, yet highly innovative printing process whose possibilities are currently sky-rocketing.


Marahrens Finland

Marahrens Group opens branch in Turku, Finland

As part of its internationalisation strategy, Marahrens Group has opened a branch in Turku, Finland. The branch will be able to serve Nordic customers – especially from the maritime industry – more flexible and offers a local contact.

At the site in Turku, own production and warehouse facilities will be available to handle orders in an optimal and efficient manner. The team of experienced sign manufacturers will be supported by the mother entity from Bremen.

The product portfolio includes standard and customized signs for the maritime industry as well as solutions for the onshore segment.

“We are very excited to extend our European coverage with the branch. Since we have successfully executed projects in Finland in the past, an own branch was the next and logical step to intensify our activities in Finland”, stated Janina Marahrens-Hashagen, Group CEO.

Marahrens USA

Marahrens Group establishes subsidiary in the USA

In March 2017, H. Marahrens Group has established a US company headquartered in Miami, Florida, which commenced regular business operations in September. 

The US maritime and land-based market will be supplied with the proven product portfolio of the Marahrens Group covering standard and customized signs as well as IMO-signage.

Own operational staff on site will be able to be close to customers and enable efficient support to find the optimal signage solution in all matters. Professional installation services are part of the offering.

We are very excited about the new chapter in the history of H. Marahrens Group that the internationalization across the Atlantic is opening for us and are in eagerly looking forward to new opportunities.

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