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Pipe markings

Pipe markings

Unique marking

As part of the safety markings on board ships (cruise ships, ferries, and merchant ships) and offshore platforms, pipes must also be marked according to the substance flowing through them. In this way it can be ensured that any injuries or accidents can be avoided in an emergency.

The ISO standard 14726 defines the colour of the pipe markings. A distinction is made between a rough colour classification and a detailed definition of the substance. In addition, arrows indicating the direction of flow of the substance can be integrated into the pipe marking or added as additional marking.

Reference to other standards: Of course you can also get markings according to the new ISO standard 20560 from us. At the moment, however, we advise against using this standard, as it is still very flawed and ambiguous.

Application on board

Pipe markings are used on board as follows:

  • Every pipe with a substance must be marked in every room
  • A pipe marking must be installed at every point that the pipe passes through a wall, a ceiling or a floor
  • Even valves or pumps must be marked
  • In case of lengthy pipes, a marking will usually be installed in certain distances (approx. 3-5 meters)

Quality pipe markings

Marahrens only uses high quality materials for the production of pipe markings, which are suitable for the circumstances on-board. All products are solvent-resistant, UV-resistant, heat-resistant, and scratch-resistant.

Further information can be found in our product data sheet.

Custom-made markings

In addition to stock products that we have in stock at our locations in Europe, America and Asia, custom-made products can also be produced on customer request.

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