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10. February 2023

Tradition meets novelty

Janina Marahrens-Hashagen as 1st female Schaffer at Bremen Schaffermahlzeit

The Schaffermahlzeit is a tradition that goes back almost 500 years, when members of the merchant and seafaring classes come together in Bremen. This makes it the oldest annual brotherly banquet in the world. For the first time in the history of this tradition, the office of one of the three Schaffer is held by a woman. We are proud that our Managing Director, Janina Marahrens-Hashagen, has been elected from among the commercial members to be the 1st female Schaffer. This continues her very own tradition, as she was already elected as the first female president of the Bremen Chamber of Commerce in 2019.

Alongside her, the 479th Schaffermahlzeit will be co-performed by Jens Lütjen, Managing Director at Robert C. Spies, as 2nd Schaffer and Dr Christoph Klosterkemper, Managing Director at C.Wm.König & Atermann König & Pavenstedt, as 3rd Schaffer at Bremen City Hall.