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IMO safety signage

IMO safety signage

Safe at sea

Marahrens offers the full range according to the DIN standard of IMO (International Maritime Organization) safety marks.

Means of escape signs (MES)

These safety signs indicate the escape route within a ship and provide directional guidance from any area within the ship to a safe place assembly station.

Emergency equipment signs (EES)

They indicate the exact location of first aid facilities, first aid equipment, or portable safety equipment, the type of facility or equipment and any instructions for its use.

Life saving systems and appliances signs (LSS)

Safety signs of this type indicate the exact location or storage of the life-saving equipment, the type of equipment, the quantity and any instructions for its correct use.

Fire-fighting equipment signs (FES)

These safety signs indicate the exact location of the fire-fighting equipment, the type of equipment and any instructions for its effective and safe use.

Prohibiton signs (PSS)

This signage draws attention to restrictions and prohibitions on various actions by people. Also in accordance with the ISPS Code (International ship and port facility security code).

Mandatory action signs (MSS)

Safety signs of this type used to instruct persons of a specific course of action that shall be followed. They indicate commandments on board.

Warning signs (WSS)

These signs used to warn persons of possible dangerous conditions, hazards and risks that exist on board a ship. They mark obstacles and danger points.

Fire control plan signs for trained personnel (SIS)

This safety signage is used to draw attention tospecialised safety and fire protection equipment on board the ship. The symbols are in accordance with the Fire Control Plan.

Hazardous substances signs

Signs of this type provide information about the content of containers with hazardous substances. Clear and standard-compliant labeling of hazardous substances is extremely important both on land and at sea.

More IMO products

IMO posters

The portfolio is complemented by IMO posters for emergency instructions and information, which will provide an explanation on the function, control and actions when operating rescue and lifesaving devices on board in an emergency. SOLAS regulations request the placement of a poster near the rescue and lifesaving devices.

Our IMO posters comply with the currently applicable guidelines and are continuously checked. In this respect, you can be sure that you are correctly labelling with our products. Any adjustments made by the responsible specialist committees will be reflected upon immediately.

We offer the IMO posters – analogue to our safety signs – in different materials so that a selection can be made according to the respective location of use.

Material properties of safety signs

All signs are produced from high-quality base materials that can withstand the harsh weather conditions at sea on the outside deck or inside. The signage is available in (photoluminescent) vinyl as well as rigid PVC The base material complies with DIN 67510. All signage is self-adhesive for easy installation and can be purchased in different sizes – please refer to our catalogue for further information.

Further class levels with regards to photoluminescence can be provided upon request.

All signs are equipped with a self-adhesive backing that allows easy installation also by non-professionals. Should you require a professional installation, our teams in Europe, America and Asia are available for you.

Print service / custom made safety signage

In case you are unable to find a specific sign, maybe due to size, material, or pictogram/language, Marahrens offers a fast print service to provide you with custom signage. Feel free to contact us with any questions.