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Low Location Lighting Systems

Low Location Lighting Systems

Low Location Lighting Systems

Legally standardised

Passenger ships, such as cruise vessels or ferries, that can transport more than 36 passengers are obliged to be equipped with a Low Location Lighting System (LLL). The legal framework for LLL systems is defined in ISO 15370 as well as IMO Resolution A.752(18).

Uniform safety level

"Wheelmark" marking

All Low Location Lighting-products are available with different luminance levels to reflect the lighting conditions on board and are approved acc. MED (Marine Equipment Directive) and marked with the wheelmark.

To install the LLL systems, Marahrens offers photoluminescent strips that are self-adhesive and can therefore be applied directly onto the surface in the corridor or stairwell. This inexpensive type of installation is particularly popular in crew areas.

At the same time there is also the option, which is mainly used for passenger and guest areas, to install the LLL system using aluminium profiles. Marahrens also offers various flat or bevelled profiles.

Show the way

Application on board

Low Location Lighting Systems are used to guide guests, passengers, and crew along the escape routes / emergency routes. Therefore, areas along the escape route must be equipped with a LLL-system. These areas include staircases.

Whilst smaller corridors or staircases only require a one-sided LLL-system, areas which are more than 2 meter wide require a mounting on both sides of the corridor or staircase, ensuring visibility even in foggy circumstances.

Specific locations along the LLL-system have to be marked: Each exit must be marked with an “Exit” sign on the same side as the door handle. In our wide portfolio of safety products you will also find rescue signs.

Mandatory maintenance

LLL measurement

All LLL-systems must undergo regular maintenance according to SOLAS and have their luminescence tested. This so-called Low Location Lighting measurement must take place at least every 5 years.

If you have any questions about low location lighting, please feel free to contact us. Marahrens locations are available in Europe, America, and Asia. All parts are stocked und can be supplied with short delivery time.


Further information

Under its brand name “Limarlite” Marahrens offers a large variety of DNV-GL certified photoluminescent Low Location Lighting materials, which complies with applicable SOLAS standards.